JAI3E Books & Publishing

JAI3E Books & Publishing and Book Street Publications are banners under M/s Jitendra Anand Infratech Private Limited.

Started in the year 2019, we have marched ahead with a determination to bring books that nurture value in long terms, to be read again and again with delight and sense of achievement. We publish books traditionally and no expenses are expected from authors.

We started publishing books by great coincidence. We are now pursuing boldly on India and its heritage by commissioning best talent for publishing quality books that are treasure in long terms. We are inspired by the capacity of people to struggle and survive against savage contrasts, their strength and determination to march ahead. We have high sense of honour to authors. 

Our books carry the substance, we feel privileged of being guided by passions. It is with this spirit of innovation and entrepreneurship that we ventured in publishing books.

And most importantly we endeavor to publish books that inspire and help you. 

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