Shri Munindra Misra

Shri Munindra Misra, an Indian writer, has authored over 108 publications. His unique works in English rhyme on Hinduism and Hindu culture, provides a lucid understanding of the Sanatan Dharma. He has dived deep into the basic concepts of Sanatan Dharma, illuminating various scriptures and probing into their inner meaning. His works are path breaking, grasping the true depths of Hinduism. They have never been so exhaustively written in English rhyme previously and do enhance their glow for the English readers.
Birth and Early life
Munindra Misra was born on 16th June 1952 at Allahabad. His father, Pt. Kanhaiya Lal Misra, was an advocate who represented the Government of Uttar Pradesh, India as the Advocate General (1952-69) for over 17 years. Munindra Misra’s primary education was from Welham Boys’ School and thereafter he completed his Senior Cambridge/ I.S.C. from The Doon School in Dehradun. Subsequent to his graduation, and management (ICS) he worked with the Banking Sector.
Work and Style
His writings are unique and rare, and his style of work is in English rhyme. This has not been done so exhaustively by any individual previously.
His works include Chalisa, Stuti, Stotra, Upanishad, Gita, Yoga, Mahabharat, Ramayan, Mahatma Vidur, Chanakya, Panchtantra, Kabir (in English rhyme).
‘Knol’ – a unit of knowledge of Google, has honoured Munindra Misra with a badge and awarded “Top Viewed Author Award” in 2011.
Personal Life
Munindra Misra is the youngest of the 5 sons (Sarva Sri Vijay Prakash Misra, Ravindra Prakash Misra, Justice Ajay Prakash Misra, Ranjan Misra and Munindra Misra) and 3 daughters (Shanti, Jyoti, Priti) of Pt. Kanhaiya Lal Misra, a renowned legal luminary of India. Born in 1952, he lost his mother at the tender age of 17 and his father when he was 22 years old. He is married to Smt Neerja Mishra and has two sons – Akshay & Anubhav.


Mrs. Tanima Tewari, a budding writer, has penned a poetry book and many short stories. She writes in a variety of genres, which describe her thoughts for the surroundings and love for nature. Inspiration to her writing comes in many ways and one of the most inspiring is related to our Nation. According to her, being a patriot, to serve the country is our first duty. Being a soft-hearted person, she is easily agitated by injustice/wrong actions against a woman. This anger reverberates in her writing. Her education has a rich background; she has done Bachelor in Science, MBA and Hospital Management. Her passion for writing sparked when she wrote some rhymes. and it ignited her passion. Later she published a poetry book ” PALLAV TARU KE”. Mrs. Tanima always accepts challenges to write in different genres, and her work include poems, fiction, non-fiction, mythology, children stories, motivation and current topics. Her poems, stories and articles have been published in various magazines and newspapers. Mrs. Tanima grew up in Uttar Pradesh and currently lives in Jaipur. Her father is a doctor and mother is a homemaker. They inculcated good values in her and because of excellent parenting she became more confident and doesn’t hesitate to raise her voice against injustice in the society. She is married to an army officer, providing excellant exposure to explore life. She observes distinct cultures, food habits, people which helped her to know about the diversity in our country and same is reflected in her writing. Mrs. Tanima has two children who gave her a chance to think with a new view She has written many short stories for children covering various topics regarding the problems they face and she also wishes to write a book on child psychology. She always thinks that a child is like a bud, so parents should let him/her bloom in a beautiful flower with their help and support. Her personal journey as writer has resonance for thoughts, customs and her imaginary world. She does not know what the future holds but she prays that the ink of her pen always shape her thoughts and creativity in the way she wants.

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